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01 Nov

Louisiana's New Shareholder Oppression Statute: What to Know

This article was originally published by the Baton Rouge Bar Association in November, 2016 in its monthly publication, Around the...

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31 Jan

Nunez V. Pinnacle Homes, LLC: Louisiana Supreme Court Narrows Professional Duty Exception To Personal Liability of LLC Members

The members of a Louisiana limited liability company (“LLC”) typically enjoy limited liability for work performed in the course of...

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05 Oct

Unanimous Governance Agreements - Another Innovation of the New Louisiana Business Corporation Act

One of the major innovations of the recently enacted Louisiana Business Corporation Act (LBCA), La. R.S. 12:1-101 et seq., is...

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01 Jun

Get Out the Vote! The New Louisiana Business Corporation Act Changes the Minimum Shareholder Vote Required for a Merger

Boards of directors of Louisiana corporations, take heed: if you are considering a merger, be mindful of a change effected...

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28 Feb

Keeping the Limit in "Limited Liability": Owners of Multiple Businesses Must Guard Against Enterprise-wide Liability in Louisiana

While most business owners are familiar with the need to form an entity to insulate personal assets or an existing...

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15 Oct

Louisiana's New Business Corporation Act Permits Issuance of Shares for Promissory Notes, Contracts for Future Services

In a departure from prior corporate law, La. R.S. 12:1-621B of Louisiana's new Business Corporation Act, adopted pursuant to Act...

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11 Aug

Louisiana Business Corporation Act Provides New Remedy for Oppressed Minority Shareholders

During the 2014 legislative session, the Louisiana State Legislature adopted Act No. 328, which provides for a comprehensive restatement of...

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